Halloween Contact Lenses make a great addition to any Halloween costume. There are some fantastic Halloween coloured contact lenses available.
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Halloween is just the time of year to wear these and have fun!

When else can you wear over the top coloured contact lenses. Try bright coloured lenses for maximum effect. Totally white lenses can look sinister as can full black lenses.

There are also plenty of patterned Halloween contact lenses with detaisl such as stars. Cats eye contact lenses look fantastic i you want something sexy and feline.

Halloween no prescription contact lenses can look scary and stunning. Choose form the categories of popular contact lenses below.

Halloween contact lenses no prescription

Edward Cullen Halloween contact lenses

Halloween Contact Lenses ideas

  • Halloween cat. Cats are well known for their stunning eyes and what better way to wear contact lenses than with a pair of cats eyes contact lenses. Available in green, yellow or other colours with a cats eye pupil these are stunning to look at
  • Patterned lenses. These can be striking. Bright colours and unique patterns not normally associated with eyes can make you look strange and enticing
  • Coloured lenses. Bright colours not usually associated with eye colors can look disconcerting and aggressive. Red is especially dramatic and  a favourite for Halloween contact lenses
  • Shaped pupils. Human pupils are usually round so if you go for a cats eye shape pupil this looks dramatic. Similary if you choose pinpoint pupil shapes this can look alarming and very arresting

Safety Tips

Make sure you follow the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer when using contact lenses.


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