Halloween Fake Blood is great for a finishing touch to your Halloween costume. Buy fake blood online for use to maximise the dramatic effect of your Halloween fancy dress costume.

Use fake blood on your skin or clothing to imitate wounds and gore special effects. Also check out the fake wounds such as slashes to necks and limbs, nails in the head and severed limbs.

Halloween Fake Blood Wounds Scars and Cuts 

Halloween Fake Nails

Halloween Fake Fire

Halloween Fake Teeth

Halloween Fake Eyelashes

Fake wounds and scars are perfect fro the final touches to your Halloween outfit. Really when else can you wear these gory special effect accessories than a Halloween fancy dress party? Take advantage of this and get your fake blood and gore ready for fright night.

Fake nails are great with all types of outfit. Maybe you are dressing as a n animal like a werewolf or cat. Fake nails are perfect for adding that special touch, especially when painted black or red for dramatic spooky effect.

Similarly fake teeth are known for Halloween accessories particularly vampire fangs and werewolf teeth. Get some devilish canines and scare the living daylights out of anyone unfortunate to cross your path. Other fake teeth include the rotting gruesome revolting teeth connected with zombies and witches.

Fake eyelashes are great to accessorise any outfit particularly sophisticated vampiresses amongst you.

Halloween fake fire can be used to create a dramatic [party atmosphere without the dangers of using real fire. Especially where children are likely to be involved. Use our tips t create your own Halloween fake accessories fire or buy fake fire accessories ready to use.


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