Halloween Wigs for men, for women and for kids. Wigs for Halloween fancy dress can compliment your outfit and provide a great disguise when trick or treating. Browse our favourite selections of cheap Halloween wigs, whether you want pink Wigs, blue wigs or long or short hair this Halloween there is plenty of choice to compliment your Haloween outfit.

Halloween Wigs for Men

Halloween Wigs for Women

Halloween Wigs for Kids

Halloween Wigs Ideas

  • A black long haired wig makes up a witch outfit. Alternatively many witch hats come with hair pieces attached which can be a cheaper option than buying separate items
  • Try bright coloured Halloween wigs such as orange, red, green, purple, pink and blue for maximum impact especially if dressing as a superhero
  • Short haired natural coloured wigs as in blonde, black and brown look dramatic and realistic when matted with fake blood
  • A wig with an added detail of a gory wound such as a split skull or a bandaged head can be very effective
  • White and silver coloured Halloween wigs look good with ghost or ghoul outfits. Long straggly hair can look creepy with black outfits

Make the most of your Halloween wigs

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with different looks and you can’t get much more variety then trying out a new hair look. Halloween Wigs allow you to try different colours, textures and lengths without any real commitment. Plus most Halloween wigs are relatively cheap and so can look tacky but the likelihood is you will only be wearing for one night. Nevertheless with these tips you can make the most of your new hair do. Here are some quick and easy tricks to get the most out of your wig.

Before purchasing, make sure you are happy with the length, shape, and texture. A cheap wig won’t stand up to trims or curling irons.

  • To brush your wig use your knee as a “stand” for the cap. Keep one hand pressed against the cap at the crown and use the other hand to brush with a wide-tooth comb. Keep your hand pressed against the cap at all times to prevent excess hair being pulled out. Never brush a wet wig.
  • To wash your wig, use a synthetic wig shampoo. Cheap wigs are usually not made of human hair and won’t deal with standard shampoo well. Fill a bowl or sink with cool water and add the recommended amount of synthetic shampoo. Swish the wig around in the water and gently scrub the cap underneath. Leave the wig to soak for about  10 minutes before rinsing in cool water. Allow to dry naturally while lying n a towel.
  • Keep your wig on a wire cap when not being used.
  • Use a synthetic wig hairspray to create different looks.
  • Shine serums and volumizers help keep cheap wigs looking their best


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