Halloween Costumes Ideas

Need ideas for Halloween costumes? Try these ideas and party away the scary season in a unique Halloween outfit.


Skeleton costumes are forever a popular Halloween outfit and look good on adults and kids alike. To make the costume a winner you need a costume featuring bones plus a skeleton had mask.


Vampires are renown for their sexy sophisticated look and are perfect for long nails, capes and red lips. Fangs are great t accessories a vampire look.


Why not take any character and dress as a zombie. Easy to create with old clothes and a bit of nous zombies range from school teachers to cheerleaders, office workers to doctors


The accessories make this one. Think horns, forks tail and devils pitchfork. Add red glitter for a bit of pizzaz.


Crooked noses, broomsticks and witch hats. Perfect for dressing up in at Halloween.

Horror Film

Take your favourite horror film character, adapt your clothing to match theirs and a dd a few accessories such as a chainsaw or Freddie Krueger sweater.


White sheet anyone? Ideas to go one better and make your own ghost outfit or buy online from some of the best Halloween outfit retailers.


Cute and cuddly or downright scary? Werewolves, cats and insects.


Disney characters suited to a Halloween theme. Great for kids.

Film characters

Famous faces for a horror theme.

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