Halloween Drag costume for Halloween. Ideas to dress as a drag queen at Halloween and drag queen outfits to dress up in at Halloween.

Halloween is a perfect time to dress in drag and overdo the hair, makeup and costume. No excuse required! Check out these costume ideas and outrageous wigs and set yourself up as the most glamorous Halloween drag queen this Halloween season.

Halloween Drag Costumes 

Halloween Drag Wigs


Tips for dressing in Halloween Drag Costume

Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to dress up in as the opposite gender and going for full on glamour.

Ultra Feminine Halloween Drag

Ultra feminine drag queens are not the full on camp drag queens you may be familiar with but somewhat more natural in appearance. The performer RuPaul is a good example of this style as being exaggeratedly feminine but not entirely over the top. You will need exaggerated (but not cartoon) make-up, clothes and accessories for this look, as well as more natural but still exaggerated physical proportions such as breast size.

Camp Halloween Drag

High camp drag queens are the most recognisable by the general public. Extremely exaggerated, they are clownish performers who do everything to the extreme. To create the high camp drag queen look you need excessive make-up concentrated on the lips and eyes as well as body padding for a highly feminine form. Look for over the top accessories that are large and exaggerated. Large hoop earrings and bracelets work well not to forget the big hair wigs and ultra high stiletto platform heels!


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