Homemade Halloween Animal Costume ideas for making your own costumes for Halloween outfits. Try these easy to make Halloween animal costume ideas and party away this party season looking unique.

Whether you fancy dressing as a cat or other Halloween animal get some ideas here or buy your ready made Halloween animal costume.

What you Need for your Halloween Animal Costume

  • Sweatsuit or clothing  in the color that matches your animal
  • Cotton wool
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Elastic

How to make a Halloween Animal Costume

  1. Start with clothing  in the colour that matches your animal. For a sheep, try white and for a cow black and black. Use brown for a dog, green for a frog and black for a cat. The clothing needs to be old clothing that you no longer need as it will be altered.
  2. Ball some cotton wool or take some cotton wool balls or fake fur swatches and glue to the clothing for furry animals such as sheep, lion or bear. If you’re making an insect costume, glue felt circles to the clothng instead  to make polka dots.
  3. Cut your ear shapes from felt or fabric and glue onto a headband. Pointed ears for a cat and long droopy ears for a dog or sheep.
  4. Cut a nose shape out of felt to look like the nose of the animal. For example for a pig cut a circle with large nostrils or imitate a whiskered look for a cat. Attach elastic string to the nose and wear it around your face.

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