Homemade Halloween Devil Costume ideas for making your own unique Halloween costumes in the shape of a devil. Create your own devilish costume this Halloween and party in style. Whether you want to be a sexy devil. an evil devil or a fun devil these DIY tips should provide some inspiration to make your own devil costume.

Devils are a great costume idea t celebrate Halloween with. The bright red colours coupled with attractive accessories such as horn, forked tails and capes make fantastic fancy dress costumes. The devil theme can be slated any way you want. Use these tips to create your won devil costume this Halloween season. There is no need t stick to the plan strictly. Improvise and create a unique devil outfit no-one else will be wearing this Halloween.

What you Need for your Halloween Vampire Costume

  • Devil horns, tail and devil’s pitchfork
  • Length of black or red fabric
  • Red or black brooch
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • White face powder
  • Red lipstick
  • Black or red nail varnish

How to make a Halloween Vampire Costume

  1. Look in your closet for black close fitting clothing. Alternatively go for red or a mixture of the two. .
  2. Add red or black accessories to create a the devil colours.
  3. Drape the fabric across your shoulders to create a cape. Pin with the brooch.

How to do Halloween Vampire Makeup

  1. Apply white face powder to create a pale appearance.
  2. Highlight your eyes with black eyeliner
  3. Plump your lashes with black mascara.
  4. Add a bright red lipstick.
  5. Paint your nails black or red. Long false nails make for a more devilish appearance.
  6. Put on your horns and tail. Grab your pitchfork you’re ready for the night ahead.


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