Homemade Halloween Ghost Costume to make yourself this Halloween. Unique ghost costume ideas for making an effective ghost outfit for fancy dress parties at Halloween.

Ghost costumes can be as easy or difficult and intricate as you want. Here we look at some easy to make ghost outfits that are cheap to assemble and great for adults and kids. Use these ideas as a basis t create your own unique ghost costume this Halloween.

What you Need for your Halloween Ghost Costume

  • White fabric or tulle-see the variations of ghost below
  • White undergarments such as leggings and gloves
  • White face paint or powder

How to make a Halloween Ghost Costume

Here are a few takes on the ghost costume:

Mystical Ghost Costume

  1. Use tulle material for this one as it moves softy giving an unearthly ghostly appearance. Use layers of tulle sewn at the top with a white ribbon similar to a cape. No need to sew any hem the bottom as the more uneven the ends the more ghostly the costume looks.
  2. Since tulle is sheer, there is no need for eye holes.
  3. Dress in a white leotard or white leggings and a long sleeved top.
  4. Cover your face in white ghostly makeup or powder.
  5. Whiten your hair by combing it through with baby powder.

Ghost Bride Costume

  1. Scary Halloween stories often contain a heartbroken or wronged bride. Using this as your theme you can easily create a ghostly feel by using an old wedding dress as the base for your outfit. You can often pick these up cheaply at charity shops.
  2. Add white Halloween face paint.
  3. Colour your hair white by combing baby powder through it.
  4. Finally, wear a long veil or netting covering you from head to toe on all sides.

Simple Ghost Costume

  1. Choose a short sheet and secure the eye and mouth holes in place by using a necklace for lady ghosts or a bow tie and top hat for mens ghosts.
  2. Paint eyelashes, eye shadow and lipstick or a moustache on the sheet or just leave balck as you wish.


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