Homemade Halloween Skeleton Costume to make yourself for Halloween. This is a relatively simple but well recognised Halloween outfit. It is easy to make however you will need to buy some items you may not have lying around the house, particularly fabric paint. A skeleton costume is suitable using this method for both children and adults and clothing sizes should be adapted accordingly.

To make your very own Halloween skeleton costume here goes:

What you Need for your Halloween Skeleton Costume

  • Black long sleeve top
  • Black leggings or tight fitting black trouser pants
  • Balck beanie hat
  • Black hoes
  • Black gloves
  • Black socks
  • Card for cutting out bone shapes
  • White or glow in the dark fabric paint
  • Skeleton mask or white and black face paint

How to make a Halloween Skeleton Costume

  1. Taking the card draw or stencil on bone shapes for ribs and arm and leg bones. Cut out the bones shapes leaving the stencils ready to paint over.
  2. Place the stencils in the appropriate places on the arms, chest area and legs of the clothing while laid flat.
  3. Paint over the stencils with the paint ensuring the clothing is weighted down to keep it as flat as possible.
  4. Allow the paint to dry.
  5. Dress in the clothing and add the face mask or use the face paint and then get ready to trick or treat or attend your Halloween party.
Given there are a wide range of relatively cheap Halloween skeleton costumes available it may be less time consuming, (less messy!) and possibly cheaper to buy your skeleton costume. In which case visit here for a range of  ready made Halloween skeleton costumes


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