Homemade Halloween Vampire Costume to make yourself. Need a unique Halloween costume to dress like a vampire? Look no further than this simple plan to kit yourself our as a vampire this Halloween season. Think fangs, white face makeup, cloaks and dark sophisticated dress style. Follow these Halloween vampire costume and makeup tips to create a unique vampire look this fright night.

What you Need for your Halloween Vampire Costume

For the costume

  • Tuxedo or smart clothing for the men or fancy dress up dress for the ladies
  • Fabric for the cape
  • Brooch
  • Fangs

For the makeup

  • Spray in temporary hair colour
  • Hair products such as gel for the guys and hairspray and clips for the ladies
  • White face powder
  • Red or pink lip liner
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Black mascara
  • Dark eyebrow pencil
  • Red, white or black lipstick

How to make a Halloween Vampire Costume

  1. For the male vampires, button a white dress shirt to your neck. A tuxedo shirt would be  perfect. Team with some smart dark trousers. Vampires are elegant and classy.
  2. For the vampiress, vamp up the glamour with black velvet, satins, lace or brocades.  Go for sexy low necklines or a jacket with nothing underneath. The look is elegant, sophisticated and sexy.
  3. Create a cape with a few yards of black fabric and pin with a brooch across your shoulders.
  4. Slip in a pair of vampire fangs.
  5. Paint a few dabs of red lipstick at the corners of your mouth for a questionable look.

How to do Halloween Vampire Makeup

  1. Spray your hair with temporary spray on colour. White streaks look good and so do red. For male vampires mould your hair so it is slicked back. If you have curly hair exaggerate the curls. For a vampiress think glamorous and go for up sweeps or chignons.
  2. Powder your face so you look white to create a ghoulish effect.
  3. Rim your eyelids in red or pink lip liner.
  4. Create dark shadows under your eyes with black or dark grey eyeshadow.
  5. Darken your eyebrows with a dark coloured pencil for a dramatic look.
  6. Blacken your eyelashes with mascara.
  7. Drop dead full on red lipstick is a must for the classic vampire. For an alternative look try white lipstick or black lipstick.
Alternatively buy a ready made Halloween costume and specially prepared Halloween makeup.


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