Homemade Halloween Witch Costume cheap to make and easy t put together. Make your own witch Halloween outfit following these guidelines and be the most unique witch at the Halloween party this year. Do you fancy dressing as the Wicked Witch of the West or as a white Witch? Whatever you decide, read on and follow the guidance below to cr4eeate you own witch costume this Halloween.

With a few home essentials you can quickly and cheaply create a witch outfit for the witching season. Have a look at some of the witch costume ideas on offer and then use the ideas below to create and the improvise your own witch costume.

What you Need for your Halloween Witch Costume

  • Cardboard and paper
  • Old black clothes
  • Length of black fabric
  • Brooch
  • Black shoes
  • Dark or stripy tights
  • Witches nose
  • Coloured paper glitter
  • Glue
  • Broomstick
  • Old pillow
  • Temporary hair colour and / or glitter
  • False eyelashes
  • Green face paint
  • False nails
  • Black eyeliner

How to make a Halloween Witch Costume

  1. Create your witch hat from dark coloured cardboard or thick paper by rolling into a cone and gluing. Good witches could wear crowns or tiaras which can be made from paper or cardboard. Decorate the cardboard or paper with silver, green, black, red or any other coloured glitter and glue. Perhaps even cut out some cat shapes, bats or insects and glue to the hat.
  2. A witch nose is optional and these can be bought cheaply and add greatly to the effect. Good witches may go instead for long false glittery eyelashes, blush spots, pink lipstick and face glitter.
  3. For bad witches, black out a tooth using special effect cosmetics.
  4. Use a dark brown or black eyeliner pencil add a few big black moles to make a scary, wicked face.
  5. Wear layers of old, black and grey clothes. Skirts layered over skirts and petticoats look witchy.
  6. Pick holey sweaters, rusty silks and strange garments. Good witches may choose to dress in choose pretty, sparkly dresses, flouncy skirts and pretty net petticoats.
  7. Create a witch cape by swathing the fabric round your neck and shoulders and pinning with a brooch at the neck. An old long skirt cut up the middle is great for making a cape.
  8. Wear black shoes and tights. Striped tights look good especially red and black, green and black or purple and black tights.
  9. Carry a broom or for good witches a fairy wand.
  10. Stuff the pillow down the back of your top for a hump back appearance.

How to do Halloween Witch Makeup

  1. Streak your hair with grey temporary colour spray. Good witches could go for pink or glitter.
  2. Paint your face with the green face paint all over.
  3. Rim your eyelids in black eyeliner.
  4. Darken your eyebrows with a dark coloured pencil for a dramatic look.
  5. Blacken your eyelashes with mascara.
  6. Use the black or red lipstick. For an alternative look try white lipstick or black lipstick.
  7. Wear long, false nails painted black or red.

Alternatively buy your witch costume.


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