Homemade Halloween Zombie Costume to make yourself. Create a scary zombie costume for fancy dress at Halloween with this easy plan to making your own Halloween outfit. Zombie costumes are easy to create. All you need are a few ideas and you can make your own zombie costume form old clothes with a few nips and tucks plus a bit of inspiration with accessories and makeup.

Zombies are creature of the undead that come in many guises so making a unique zombie outfit is no mean feat. Follow the tips below and browse the ready made zombie Halloween costumes for ideas on which to base your own zombie creation.

What you Need for your Halloween Zombie Costume

  • Old, used clothing preferably larger size
  • Material shoes such as old tennis shoes or trainers
  • Soil, leaves and grass
  • Red / brown material paint
  • Black and white face paints
  • Dark grey or black eyeshadow
  • Red or pink eye liner

How to make a Halloween Zombie Costume

  1. Take the old clothing and tear and cut with scissors or a razor. Fray the cuffs and neckline and rip holes in the trouser legs and sleeves of the top.
  2. Rub the soil and grass on the clothing to give the appearance your zombie has just reared itself from a grave. A few leaves here and there add to this effect.
  3. Touch up your shoes in the same way. Smear with dirt and add more spatters of paint.
  4. To create look of blood stains splatter the clothing with brown or red paint. Make sure you lay the clothing out to try before wearing.

How to do Halloween Zombie Makeup

  1. Create the foundation layer by mixing a small amount of black face paint into a larger amount of white face paint to form a grey tone. Apply all over your face, neck and backs of your hands and forearms if these will be visible.
  2. Apply smudges of dark grey or black eyeshadow under each eye to give the eyes a sunken, hollowed look. Add sparingly and build up the colour to achieve the desired look.
  3. Rim your eyes with a red or pink eyeliner.
  4. Finish by messing your hair using gel and rubbing to stand on end and look out of place.  Use plenty of gel or mousse to give your hair a stiff, unwashed look. Maybe add in a little soil or leaves.


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