Animal Halloween Costumes

Animal Halloween costumes can be as cute or as gory as you want. There any many types of animals you can choose form to base your Halloween outfit on.

Choose a friendly animal and turn it into a horror version for added drama and impact. Some animals naturally lend themselves to fear such as spiders, snakes, wolves and bears. Other animals are usually associated with Halloween and make an easy choice for an outfit due to the wide rage of accessories and fancy dress costumes already commercially available. Such animal costumes include cats, spiders, dogs, rats and wolves.

Animal costumes can also be easily accessories with terrifying additions such as fangs and sharp long teeth, wicked fingernails and claws and furry clothing, scary eyes and pointed ears.

Alternatively go for a sexy animal look and choose an animal with charm such as dressing as a sexy feline.


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Halloween 13: Animal Halloween Costumes