Horror Film Halloween Costumes

Horror Film Halloween costumes are a mainstay of the ghoulish Halloween season. This category of Halloween costumes gives leash to your creative side and brings a touch of glamour to a Halloween party. Horror fillm characters make great Halloween and fancy dress outfots as being instantly recognisable and with a horror background that people will know of bofre you enter the room. Make use of these fantastic costumes and gory Halloween accessories to the max.

Think plenty of fake blood, fake wounds and ripped clothing. Three are some great special effect accessories such as gaping neck wounds and severed limbs to make a full on horror outfit.

Take some inspiration from the horror films from Hollywood and base your character popular fictional horror figure such as Friday the 13th Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein, Jason Vorhees and the Scream movies.

Check out some of the horror film Halloween costumes ideas below.


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Halloween 13:  Horror Halloween Costumes