The history of Halloween is both interesting and sinister. Halloween is celebrated on 31 October each year and characterised by dressing up in Halloween costumes and undertaking Halloween practices such as trick or treat. Halloween parties are becoming more popular and there are many Halloween games and Halloween parties to commemorate this event. Though Halloween was not originally a largely celebrated event in the UK it is becoming more recognisable each year. Moreover for children Halloween is a fun event with an opportunity to dress up is fancy Halloween costumes and play tricks on friends and neighbours.

What is Halloween?

The history of Halloween began in the dark ages with a sinister background. The Halloween festivities have grown and evolved over the years and nowadays Halloween is recognised for a time of wearing Halloween costumes and attending Halloween parties with Halloween games and food. You can read about the origins of Halloween here

Halloween in the modern age

Halloween is now celebrated with dressing up on Halloween fancy dress costumes and has become popular in the UK of recent years following on the American tradition of celebrating Hallowee. Halloween is now a lrage annual event in the States. It is also a time for scary horror films which always are more heavily advertised at this time of year The dark nights and cold weather lends itself to this spooky festival.

Halloween Practices

There are many Halloween practices and ritual carried out to mark this annual occassion. You can read more about Halloween practices here

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